An article by SyamsulHuda M. Suhari, The Jakarta Post.

The unpleasant smell of methane arising from the animal waste doesn’t repel him at all.

This is the daily routine of Yosep Utina, 48. The cow breeder in Huluduotamo village, in Bone Bolango, Gorontalo, lets none of the waste go to waste.

Inside the 1.7-meter-high tank, the dung will decay to produce about 13 cubic meters of biogas, which Yosep drains off with polyvinyl pipes typically used for drinking water.

The pipes span 135 meters to his house, where Yosep’s wife, Elistin Alim, cooks with the biogas produced. It’s a system that makes economic and environmental sense.

“Ten families in my neighborhood are now sharing this biogas to prepare their meals,” said Yosep, who for reasons of goodwill freely shares his biogas with his neighbors.

Yosep’s biogas even powered gas lamps before the village was electrified.

For almost seven years, Yosep and family have created gas by processing the manure of his 20 cows.

“As long as my cows keep discharging enough excrement, my family will continue to enjoy free biogas for daily use,” Yosep said.

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