An opinion by Andrew C. Revkin in The New York Times.

You might say the aim was to push the tropical country to curb deforestation, but that issue was barely mentioned. The speech focused mainly on coal and oil. There was an unsubtle dig at the World Bank’s stance on coal there: “[G]overnments and international financial institutions need to stop providing incentives for the use of energy sources like coal and oil.”

But the long speech was mainly focused on Indonesia itself and had a chiding tone that I can’t see doing anything to further Kerry’s goal of leading efforts to craft a new international climate agreement by late 2015.

Here’s a slightly expanded version of a Tumblr item I posted when I caught up with the speech earlier tonight:

Diplomacy? Secretary Kerry pushes Indonesia to decarbonize as energy use in the United States emits 17.2 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year, Indonesia, 1.8.

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