An article by Tan Yi Liang, The Star.

With the spectre of dry taps and water rationing looming over millions of Malaysians this dry season, one question comes to mind – what can we do to play our part in saving water? The Star Online asked netizens for their best water-saving tips, and came back with these:

1. Reduce water pressure at timed intervals in public places to raise awareness.

This suggestion came from Mesh Mesh through Facebook, who said awareness for the need for water conservation could be created by reducing the water pressure at schools, colleges, work places or shopping malls through a timer or water-pressure based system, “instead of giving 100% flow of water.”

2. Wash your car less – or not at all.

User Samaneri Paramacari commented on The Star Online‘s Facebook page: “Do not wash your car, please! Human beings and animals need water more than these feeling-less gadgets,” she said.

3. Take quick showers

Another suggestion from Mesh Mesh, who said “Bathe once a day and have a quick bath instead of singing/dancing/partying while having a bath and spending 45 minutes showering.”

Another netizen, Jimmy Yap said that if one has to have multiple baths a day, have one complete bath and use a minimum amount of water for the others.

4. Wash all your dirty dishes in one go

According to Samaneri, one can save water by washing plates and kitchen utensils in one go, using two big basins of clean water.

“Wipe any left-over food or stains away before dipping the used utensils into the first basin; put them into the second basin for a final cleaning,” she said.

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