A biotech manufacturing plant has projected energy savings of 17.2 GWh per annum, following the efforts made by its engineering department, and supported by the Integrative Design Process carried out by The GreenAsia Group. This could mean an expected $3.1m saved by the major pharmaceutical company each year.

TGAG was commissioned by the company last February to address the sustainability performance goals in energy efficiency and modelling of its new Singapore-based facility. TGAG spent a full day addressing sustainability performance goals in energy efficiency and modelling for their client’s new facility. Confirmation of the project’s targets were seen as extremely valuable.

Recommendations within the report issued to the National Environment Agency (NEA) focused on opportunities to:

  1. Improve engineering practice and achieve higher efficiency in deploying natural resources, more specifically: air, water and energy,
  2. Improve design and construction processes by including TGAG in specified iterative feedback loops for collaborative stakeholder involvement, and
  3. Assist to attain further grants, accreditations and/or awards in recognition of the improvements and achievement identified or commissioned as part of the project.

The energy saving expected, reported to NEA, marks a 19.7 per cent shaving off the facility’s primary energy and GHG emissions from baseline levels.

This project was supported by the Economic Development Board Singapore and NEA’s Design for Efficiency (DfE) Scheme.