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Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones adopt the traditional postcard format to present startling views of cities altered by the effects of imagined environmental change. Ever since the first picture postcard was sent as a practical joke in 1840 by the English author Theodore Hook, postcards have remained a universally accessible form of communication. Snaps of cities, exotica and icons perpetuate myths of national identity. Graves and Madoc-Jones identified recurring postcard views of London, including Routemaster buses and red telephone boxes, both rapidly disappearing emblems of the real city.

Postcards From the Future presents new London icons and views within six distinct themes; Flooded London, Hot London, Frozen London, Self Sufficient London, Living in  London & Powering London.

‘London Postcards From the Future’ were exhibited at the Museum of London from October 2010 to March 2011. They were presented as large scale back-lit transparencies, each pristine image defined by an astonishing degree of clarity and definition.  The show became one of the most popular and controversial exhibitions ever hosted by the Museum of London generating unprecedented public and global media interest.

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