An article by Esthi Maharani, Republika.

The government claims the use of biodiesel has managed to save imported diesel. The use of biodiesel contained in the package Stabilization Policy And Economic Growth, which was published last September 2013. In the six-month period, imports of diesel decreases.

There are savings of foreign exchange worth 592 million U.S. dollars. This equates to savings of Solar imports on average per month for KL.Hal 126 761 was raised at a meeting of Biofuel Policy (BBN), led by the Vice President (VP) in the Office of the Vice President Boediono, Wednesday (16/4).

The Vice President also called for the implementation of the policy is driven. “I asked all ministries and institutions more actively promote the implementation of this policy in order to achieve the target,” he said. In the meeting it was decided, in 2014, targets the use of biodiesel by Pertamina will reach 3.4 million kiloliters. As for non-Pertamina target of 400 thousand KL.

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jero Wacik reported the country’s foreign exchange savings obtained by optimizing the use of biodiesel as a biofuel mixture of 10 percent petroleum Solar. He explained that this saving going on since the publication of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 25 Year 2013 concerning on amendments to the Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 23 of 2008 concerning the provision, utilization and administration BBN (Biofuel) as other fuels.

He said the use of biodiesel not only have a positive impact on monetary conditions but also to contribute to the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Biodiesel is a fuel that is more environmentally friendly with low emissions levels and easily biodegradable,” he said.

Based on the calculations for the year 2013 alone, the use of biodiesel provide a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 1.54 million tons of CO2. The government hopes that, through mandatory use of biodiesel and bioethanol, greenhouse gas reduction targets in 2020 for the energy sector amounted to 38 million tons of CO2 has been achieved in 2017.

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