Prof David Strong TGAG Associate

“The GreenAsia Group (TGAG) are at the forefront of applying new ways of thinking to major construction projects and industrial processes. It has been stimulating and exciting to work with TGAG’s team of world class experts in Integrative Design and Low Pressure Loss Engineering, to deliver highly efficient and sustainable developments at reduced OPEX and CAPEX.  The approach adopted by TGAG results in exceptionally high levels of innovative and creative thinking. This enables developments to be delivered which address social, environmental and economic  sustainability issues in a holistic way by “designing-out” technical complexity and cost by rethinking, challenging and improving. It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with TGAG and I recommend them, without hesitation.”


Youssef Benamour, Directeur Général – Managing Director of Earth Property

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for fostering a true sense of excellence in construction it has been a true pleasure to collaborate, hopefully more to come.”


Youssef Benamour, Directeur Général – Managing Director of Earth Property

“The GreenAsia Group is the right partner for sustainable construction.  The team is world class, and dedicated to excellence in building.”


American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

Lee Eng Lock’s “world-leading HVAC design and engineering that shows the rest of the world how much energy can be saved through good engineering, innovative design, and attention to details.”


Amory Lovins, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute

“In my view, HVAC design divides into two eras, B.L. and A.L.—Before Lee and After Lee—so revolutionary has been his impact on how the best mechanical designers think and work. Mechanical design will never be the same. The slow fuse is lit, and the change is irreversible, thanks to the irresistible power of his ideas.”