Deep concern over invisible threat to Antarctic glaciers

December 16, 2014

An article from Climate News Network. The Antarctic ice shelf is under threat from a silent, invisible agency – and the rate of melting of glaciers has trebled in the last two decades. The ocean waters of the deep circumpolar current that swirl around the continent have been getting measurably warmer and nearer the ocean surface Read on…

Solar rises in Malaysia during trade wars over panels

December 15, 2014

An article in The New York Times. Tucked away in this former tin-mining town, past the small farms of banana trees and oil palms, is one of the solar industry’s best-kept secrets. The six factories here with cavernous rooms up to one-third of a mile long constitute the production backbone of First Solar. Working alongside minivan-size Read on…

UN members agree deal at Lima climate talks

December 14, 2014

An article by AFP on BBC News. United Nations members have reached an agreement on how countries should tackle climate change. Delegates have approved a framework for setting national pledges to be submitted to a summit next year. Differences over the draft text caused the two-week talks in Lima, Peru, to overrun by two days. Read on…

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