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Bali Chamber of Commerce Calls for Water Rationing for Island’s Tourism Industry

The Badung Regency branch of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN) has asked the Provincial Government of Bali to introduce regulations limiting the use of water by the Island’s tourism industry.

KADIN is seeking controls on the amount of water that can be used by hotels, villas, home stays and a number of other tourism-related industries.

The chairman of KADIN-Badung, A.A. Ngurah Alit Wiraputra, quoted by Bali Post said: “The use of ground water in large amounts by the tourism industry is the reason that there is now salt water intrusion on inland wells more than 5 kilometers from Bali’s shoreline. The demands for water to support Bali’s tourism now exceeds 2,500 liters per second, meaning that surface source of water are no longer a sufficient supply. “

The constructive and exploitive use of water, according to Wiraputra, will damage the hydrological cycle. Such is the state of Bali’s water supply and the over-consumption of both surface and ground water that Bali’s general carrying capacity is at threat.

“If we keep taking ground water the salt water incursion will increase further inland,” warned Wiraputra.

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