An article by Luh De Suriyani, Bali Daily.

Bali must develop a comprehensive environmental assessment study to allow for sustainable development programs on the already crowded island.

In a discussion organized by For- BALI on Saturday, a number of activists and academics shared their thoughts on suitable development in Bali that would preserve the island’s environmental state and natural resources.

I Ketut Sarjana Putra, vice president of Conservation International (CI), shared his opinion on the planned land reclamation in Tanjung Benoa (Benoa Bay) for touristrelated development.

Putra said CI had launched a study on the possible impacts of the planned land reclamation, which attracted a lot of attention, including from related ministries in the central government.

“CI is planning to continue the environmental assessment of Tanjung Benoa’s reclamation project. Our previous study was not too comprehensive and further research and analysis is needed, including how to anticipate the impact of such a project,” said Putra.

He continued that Bali needed to learn from experience, having previously allowed an investor to reclaim land at Serangan islet near Sanur and Denpasar.

“The previous Serangan reclamation left so many environmental and social problems,” said Putra, who has been working to promote sustainable development and natural preservation for more than 30 years.

Land was reclaimed at Serangan islet and then neglected for around 16 years.

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