An article by James Gorman, Daily Telegraph.

LUXURY Sydney hotels are helping the environment – and the tastebuds of their guests – with the introduction of a honey-producing bee colonies.

The Shangri-La hotel and the Swissotel have installed a collection of hives on their roof tops. The Shangri-La has five rooftop beehives that have already produced 14 kilograms of honey for the hotel’s guests to enjoy since late last year.

In collaboration with The Urban Beehive, the hotel’s executive chef Steven Krasicki takes care of the bees and oversees the harvest of honey and its distribution throughout the hotel’s restaurants and kitchens.

“We have had two harvests already and we are working really closely with the Urban Beehive. It can be a bit of a tricky process, I have been stung a few times, they really don’t like their honey being taken,” he said.

The honey that we harvest is used in special functions and we have it out for breakfast and we also sell some of the honeycomb in the lobby lounge.

“We want people to know that the honey they are eating has been produced here on site with our own bees and hopefully it raises some awareness about how important bees are and how much of an impact their decline will have if something is not done about it.”

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