An article by Luh De Suriyani, Bali Daily.

Tabanan is famed for its dazzling views of multi-tiered rice fields, including UNESCO’s World Heritage Jatiluwih subak (the integrated Balinese irrigation system) site.

Visiting Jatiluwih paddy fields is still quite easy, as the roads heading there are in reasonable condition.

But Tabanan has more than the Jatiluwih farming area. The regency possesses the largest area, at around 22,500 hectares, of paddy fields in Bali, with 228 subak farming organizations.

Some of the most beautiful rice field areas are located in Belulang and Mengesta villages.

The local farmers and subak organizations there have successfully managed their farmland to produce prolific amounts of rice and maintain their pristine landscape.

Belulang village is actually blessed with natural wonders — the land is carpeted with rice fields and it has natural hot springs.

However, reaching these areas is challenging as most of the roads are full of potholes and covered in mud and stones.

“The roads have been in a very bad condition for a long time, making it hard for us to get anywhere in the village,” a local resident complained.

These roads, in fact, serve as the main distribution route for harvests from the villages to other parts of Tabanan and Bali.

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