An article by Alit Kertarahardja, Bali Daily.

The lack of a proper dump has resulted in Buleleng regency’s tourist beaches being helpless against the onslaught of trash. One blatant example was Pengastulan Beach, which lies along the Singaraja-Seririt highway.

Pengastulan Beach is not as popular as Lovina Beach, which has grown into a primary tourist destination in north Bali. But Pengastulan has the potential to be developed into such a destination. It has a wide stretch of sandy beach and a thriving local fishing community.

However, to be able to attract visitors, the local communities should first ensure that the beach is always clean of trash. For years, unfortunately, the local communities have failed to achieve this goal.

“Where should we throw our garbage, since we don’t have a dump,” a local villager asked.

That was the most often quoted justification presented by the local community. The second naturally involved finger pointing at the local administration.

Italian visitor, Gianpaolo Roseghini, who had visited various beaches on the resort island, agreed that trash was a major problem.

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