An article by Tito Summa Siahaan, Jakarta Globe.

The government plans to introduce incentives for industries that implement green practices into their operations in Indonesia, a senior minister has said.

Industry Minister MS Hidayat said that he has proposed the package to the current administration. “I’ve seen that in countries where there are well-developed green industries, favorable incentives play a big part,” Hidayat said in Jakarta after honoring 69 companies for their environmental programs.

However, according to Hidayat, the package would not be in the form of tax holidays or allowances but rather focus on things that would encourage green practices. “For example, we could remove import taxes on goods necessary for green industries,” he added.

“There are indeed many companies that are already implementing green practices, but the idea of these incentives is to make it the norm and spread such practices across the archipelago,” said Hidayat.

He said encouraging environmental awareness is important due to the strong growth in the country’s manufacturing sector.

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