An article by Idris F Sulaiman, The Jakarta Post.

Every now and then, some defining documentaries get widely circulated that provide hope for a fundamental change in seeing the urgency of our global environmental crisis.

And thanks to the capacity of the Internet to spread the word along with better gadgets, as Trashed executive producer and narrator Jeremy Irons says, “we won’t need 20 to 30 years” to see action in starting to deal with this complex problem and make significant impact.

As in Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, Irons’ Trashed documentary is a no-nonsense portrayal of the literally ever-mounting global garbage problem that the world is facing. And what is clear is that we are all part of the problem, but we can be part of the solution, too.

Unlike carbon emissions or pollution that we cannot touch, the sight of ever-mounting trash or garbage is something that is visible and ultimately cannot be ignored.

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