An article by Alit Kertarahardja, Bali Daily.

A team from Myanmar visited Buleleng recently due to the country’s interest in the area’s village-level marine conservation management implemented by the coastal communities.

The activity is focused in Penuktukan subdistrict of Tejakula.

Field training coordinator for Laut Alam Lestari (LINI) Foundation, Andri Ali Musta’in, said on Thursday that the Myanmar team visited north Bali waters having become interested in the people’s efforts and participation.

“They were interested in how these people made their own efforts on the matter. There were a lot of things they wanted to learn from the local people,” he said.

“In Myanmar, the policy is top-down. But in Bali, or in Indonesian cities in general, it is the people who start,” Andri added.

Andri said that the Myanmar delegation also went snorkeling in the waters to directly observe the marine life.

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