An article by Hanan Nugroho, The Jakarta Post.

There is great hope that Indonesia could employ its geothermal plan to reduce the country’s emission of greenhouse gases (GHG), while at the same time meeting demand for electricity in certain areas of the nation. The archipelago-volcanic country is estimated to have 29 giga-watts (GW) of geothermal reserves that correspond to 40 percent of the world’s reserves.

The reserves are distributed in 276 locations, while most of the largest are located in Java and Sumatra, which have the largest demand for electricity.

So far, however, Indonesia has not utilized its geothermal potential adequately. Even though the nation ranks third in the world for geothermal power plant (GPP) capacity, the current figure of 1,341 MW is significantly lower compared to several plans that have been published targeting additional GPP capacity.

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